How to personalize your calendar’s month:

After downloading a version of the calendar from the website

Preview of download calendar screen
Visual of the download calendar screen where you click the download button to get a specific version of the calendar.

you will find the document in your download folder (unless you choose to have it open directly into Word).

Double click the Happy Month calendar you downloaded (above you see Happy September) file to open it up in Word.

The file will open and you will receive a dialog asking which month you wish to work on. Since you are wanting to personalize it, you will need to click the Enable Editing button at the top of the page.

Warning message from Word that enables editing
Warning message from Word that enables editing

Once you click the Enable Editing button, you will see a dialog appear

Month Selection Dialog
Month Selection Dialog

Once you select the month and year, click OK to begin making any additional edits or just simply be able to print out this version for the month.

Happy Today and enjoy your Happy Month calendar.

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